In 1998, city officials, school district administrators, and community leaders created the Estacada Community Foundation (ECF), to provide a charitable organization to support City, School and community efforts. Envisioned as an umbrella organization for local groups, the ECF was expected to consolidate volunteer efforts to build and strengthen our local community through charitable giving. Instead of investing time and money in creating separate nonprofit organizations, community groups could now focus on their projects.
By creating an endowment fund that would disperse earnings to community organizations, prudent investing could multiply local dollars. Funds would be dedicated solely for the Greater Estacada community.
Donations began with an initial gift of $ 124,000 from Watch Our Waves, an organization that decided to disband. After just ten years, the wisdom of the ECF’s founders is evident with the original seed money more than doubling. Additionally, at least 10% of earnings have been granted to local groups for community projects each year.


• Assist other Organizations and Groups to Reach their Community-Based Goals
• Expand Education Programs for Youth and Families
• Enhance Arts, Culture and Humanities
• Support Improved Health and Welfare Services


Estacada Community Foundation will become:

  • A Cherished Asset by Providing Leadership and Support to the Greater Estacada Area
  • The Recipient of Enduring and Substantial Financial and Volunteer Support
  • An Organization that Enhances the Quality of Life by Reaching Out to Our Diverse Community


  • Collaboration - We encourage the creation of new ideas and solutions, reduce duplication of effort and increase effectiveness by working together with donors, other funders, planners and community groups.
  • Accountability - Our mission is achieved through strong leadership and governance, capable administration and dedicated volunteers. Our community is strengthened now and into the future by growth in endowment funds, effective fiscal management, reliable stewardship and strategic grantmaking.
  • Responsiveness - Our vigilant monitoring of trends and impact of change, coupled with a proactive and innovative approach, produces actions that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • Empowerment - Internal capacity is an essential strength for individuals, organizations and communities, and we encourage actions to cultivate, nurture and sustain this quality.